Shave Ice                                    $4.00

Available in +30 flavors

Double Hawaiian                    $6.25

Shave ice with vanilla bean ice cream and sweetened condensed milk! 

Italian Soda                               $3.50

Italian Cream Soda                $4.00

Over 25 flavors to choose from

​The Italian Tessie                   $4.50

An Italian cream soda over shave ice!

Poseidon's Java                        $5.25 

Your choice of coffee beverage over shave ice!

Flavored Iced Tea                   $3.50

​One of our organic fresh brewed tea options with your favorite Torani syrup!

Calypso Tea                                $4.75

Your choice of organic tea over shave ice with cream and raw sugar!

Root Beer Buoy                        $4.25

Hansen's creamy root beer & vanilla bean ice cream!

The Captain's Specail           $4.00

​Double espresso over vanilla bean ice cream!

Kid Size Ice Cream                 $2.00

Bottled Water                           $1.50

Hansen's Natural Soda         $2.00

All prices include tax. We offer a cash discount! 

Americano               $3.00

Latte                           $4.00

Flavored Latte       $4.50

Mocha                        $4.50

Mexican Mocha     $5.00

White Mocha          $4.50

Weekly Special          $5.00

Chai Float                $5.50

Espresso                    $2.00

​Vietnamese Coffee    $4.50

Hot Chocolate         $3.75

Chai Tea                    $4.50

Wildflower Latte   $4.25

Organic Tea             $3.00

Available hot or iced.

Additions for your drinking pleasure! 

Add Espresso Shot/Cold Brew $0.50

Sweetened Condensed Milk      $1.00

Organic Coconut, Almond, Soy     $1.00

Syrup or Sauce                               $0.75

Proudly brewing Blind
Dog Coffee! Locally roasted and organic!


Java Ship Coffee

Handcrafted beverages sailing around Reno and Sparks!​​